goats of the future

regenerating land in west michigan

As climate changes and the dairy industry collapses, we propose a change: farming in community, in a way that enriches land and soil, as well as human health and imagination. We raise dairy goats to live curious, social lives; to express their animal instincts; and to harvest their own nutrition and medicine.

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Meet the Milkmaids

Meet the 2019 milking team. These humans sacrifice their time, heart, and muscle for the goodness of herd-life and its creamy delights! 


Kristin Brace

Milkmaid, Soapmaking

Sarah Bass


Cameo Johnson


Leah Sienkowski

Herd Manager

Emily Garcia

Milkmaid, Breeding

Molly Vanderwerp

Milkmaid, Sanitation

Emily Brink


Elizabeth Walztoni


Maggie Henderson

Milkmaid, Soapmaking