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Our newest translation of dream soap - this time for your clothes. A zero-waste detergent that's gentle on the skin. Packed in a compostable bag for shipping and with a bamboo spoon for scooping. 2 scoops (1 tbs) for high efficiency washers and 4 scoops (2 tbs) for old school washing machines.


Wash three loads for $2.50 with a trial size.
Recommended for warm or hot washes. 
Add 1/4 cup vinegar to rinse cycle for extra dirty loads.
Add essential oils of your choice to wool dryer balls to add scent to your load.


2 oz (3 loads), 32 fl oz (32-64 loads)

Goat Milk Laundry Soap

  • Baking Soda
    Washing Soda
    Goatmilk Soap Shreds
    Essential Oils

    Bamboo spoon + Compostable bag

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