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book a goat hike!

Meet the herd and wander with us along the whimsical trails of Idlewild as the herd plays & grazes. We will begin hiking after baby goat cuddle season, likely early June.

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What to expect:

Park: (when not snowy) along the gravel drive just west of the farmhouse (near the red barn). Please don't drive up to the barn, as it is muddy and you may get stuck. If conditions are snowy and you do not have 4WD/AWD, it is highly recommended that you park nearer to the road.


Gather: we'll meet at the cream colored barn for snack feeding/goat petting. You will be welcomed into the pen to pet and hang with the goats for the first 15-20 minutes! Each session includes herd introductions, treats for the goats, a leisurely 25 minute walk through pasture and orchard with the whole herd! Unleashed, the goats will orbit around us, climbing trees, gobbling up brambles, and leaning in for scratches.

Soap & swag: Wear your herd on your sleeve--or suds up with your favorite goats' milk soap! Merchandise will be available for purchase during event. Bring cash/check/Venmo/Paypal.


What to wear: Bundle up! Dress for playtime with goats! Washable boots/shoes highly recommended.

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