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No experience necessary--just a passion for animals, food, and agriculture; a bit of grit; and your own transportation. This small operation relies on many good hearts and hands. Consider joining us! 

Milkmaids: 7-9/8-10am, April-December

AM Goatherds: 9-11am, May-September

PM Goatherds: 6:30-8:30pm, May-September  

*3x/month commitment


Deanna G

"I really appreciate the annual and seasonal unplugged rhythms of goat life. I love watching their bodies change and contributing to their well being."


Anna F

"I’ve learned that putting myself in situations where I would normally be uncomfortable can lead to an abundance of joy."


Molly V

"I've talked and thought a lot about animal ethics in the past year, and I think that working with animals is one of the best ways in which to truly understand that relationship." 


for Milk

Give one, two-hour shift a week for a quart of creamy dream milk (or bar of soap) between May & Dec. Meet new people and get to know the seasonal life of the herd.

Make Soap & Cheese

Take part in cheesemaking or soapmaking! Learn a new craft, and take home a handful of handmade soap or cheese. 

Gain Farming


Learn the inner-workings of small-scale woodland goat dairy. We invite you to learn and participate in all aspects of production. 

Hang out with the Herd

Enjoy getting to know each quirky mama on the milking stand. Be the first to  bond with the floppy-eared kids. Acceptance by the herd is the true reward.

Milkmaids & Goatherds 2023
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