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michigan goats

goats of the future

farming goats in community

We propose a change: farming in community, in a way that enriches land and soil, as well as human health and imagination. We raise dairy goats to live curious, social lives; to express their animal instincts; and to harvest their own nutrition and medicine. 

winter goat walks

We'll be open for private winter goat walks (for groups of up to 10 hikers) on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays from January 16 through the end of February for a flat rate of $75. 

meet the dreamgoats

Join the herd! Be inducted into goat world via spring baby goat cuddles, summer-fall goat hikes, a holiday hikes + hugs event between Christmas and New Years (bring your xmas tree for recycling!) or a wintry wander, January-February. You can also become an ongoing supporter by becoming a Year of Goats or Year of Soap member, joining our Herdshare, or becoming a volunteer milkmaid/goatherd.

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