meet the herd

meet the herd!

Please respect our hosts and plan your goat visits outside school hours, as well as the privacy of our cuddling and hiking goat guests, if an event is in session.

You are welcome to open the shutters and say hello to the goats, unless does are actively kidding or an event is going on. The goats love pets and scratches. Please do not enter any fence, stall, or barn without permission or feed treats to the goats, unless we provide them.

Note: We are moving the herd to Idlewild Farm at 10594 Button Rd, Belding, MI 48809 in October 2022.


how to find us

Come by to meet and greet the goats during after-school hours or on the weekend.  The barn is located around the back of Ada Christian School behind the hoophouse and garden. Enter school via Fox Hollow St, turn left, go through the gate, past the buses, and park to the left of the basketball courts.