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learn to make soap!

Soap Class

Learn to combine ingredients you already have to make simple, beautiful soaps. Deepen your knowledge of goat milk, medicinal plants, and scent-blending to understand how a great bar is made and then design your own to take home. Each student will receive a goat milk soapmaking manual and enough knowledge to confidently make future batches themself.

1. First meet the herd and your fellow farmstead soap makers (30 min, 6-6:30)

2 Learn the science behind soap making & how soap works (arrive by 6:30 to begin! 15 min)

3.  Design your own bars by blending your choice of scents and botanicals (30 min)

4. Take part in the process of soap formulation (30 min)

5. Put it all together: add your toppings, colorants, scents, and exfoliants to create a unique and delightful soap of your own. Take home the equivalent of 3 full-size bars (or cut 5-6 mini bars to share) (30 min).


Cure your soap for a month before sudsing up!

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