Treat your family/quarantined household to an unforgettable private hike with the herd! Raise your spirits and distract your mind with an hour-long romp through forest, swamp, and prairie.


Bucolic treats include the sound of goat hooves, wild edible berries, fresh air, and floppy ears. Will walk except for heavy rain, snow, or dangerous conditions.


Wear long pants and closed toed shoes. Bring sunscreen/water/bug spray as needed. [Up to 8 persons, households only until order is lifted. 25% discount available for 3 or less persons. Masks & social distancing between leader and group is required].


Contact Leah Sienkowski at to set up a time to hike.
Best times: 11-12 PM, 4-5 PM or 7-8 PM

Private Herd Hike