Become an owner of our goat herd by purchasing a herdshare and paying monthly boarding fees from July-January. Our herd is raised on wild forage, no-spray hay, spent brewers grain, and a mix of organic corn, soy, and barley from Rosebush, Michigan. We milk once per day, rotate pasture frequently, and handle your animals with utmost love and respect (no antibiotics or hormones). A whole share is approximately 1 gallon (128 oz), a half share is a half-gallon (64 oz), and quarter share is a quart (32 oz). 

Annual Upfront Ownership Fee

Whole share: $80 (sold out)
Half share: $40
Quarter share: $20

Monthly Boarding Fees (6 month season)

Whole share: $80 / month (sold out)
Half share: $40 / month
Quarter share: $20 / month


Monthly Pickup Cost

Ada Farm (included)

Westside GR Pickup (+$20/month)

Home Delivery (+$40/month)

Herd Share

  • A herdshare is the only way to access unpasteurized milk in Michigan. The buyer/owner understands the inherent risks of raw milk (and the reported benefits) and assumes those risks when purchasing a share.

    Read our ownership contract here.