Become an owner of our goat herd by purchasing a herdshare and paying monthly boarding fees between May and December. Our herd is raised on wild forage, no-spray hay, spent brewers grain, and a mix of organic corn, soy, and barley from Rosebush, Michigan. We milk once per day, rotate pasture frequently, and handle your animals with utmost love and respect. A whole share is approximately 1 gallon (128 oz), a half share is a half-gallon (64 oz), and quarter share is a quart (32 oz). 

Monthly Ownership & Boarding Fees (5-8 month season)

Whole share: $96 / month 
Half share: $48 / month
Quarter share: $24 / month


Monthly Pickup Cost

Ada Farm (included)

East GR or Westside GR Pickup (+$10/month)

Home Delivery negotiable - option for immunocompromised

Herd Share

  • A herdshare is the only way to access unpasteurized milk in Michigan. The buyer/owner understands the inherent risks of raw milk (and the reported benefits) and assumes those risks when purchasing a share.