Buy a share of the Dreamgoats to gain access to milk from your own goats. As an owner of the herd, you will pay a monthly boarding/milking fee and gain access to approximately 128 oz. (1 gallon) of fresh, unprocessed whole milk, weekly from July-December.


$80 is the cost of owning a share of the herd for one season. This amount is due upfront to reserve your share and includes the use of our jars. Monthly boarding fees (also $80) will be paid each month by automatic withdrawal throughout the season. You can also choose to pay for the whole season upfront by check or cash and save 3% ($543.20 total; add $120 for westside pickup or $240 for home delivery).



Ada farm

GR Westside (+ $20/month)

Home delivery (+ $40/month)


*weekly share of milk will be twice the amount that is pictured

Herdshare | Whole

  • A herdshare is the only way to access unpasteurized milk in Michigan. The buyer/owner understands the inherent risks of raw milk (and the reported benefits) and assumes those risks when purchasing a share.