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We hope to instill people of all ages with the love of land and animals, and to see themselves as part of the earth, living in and eating from its abundance. 

Dreamgoats is made of equal parts imagination and sweat, with the dream to elevate the pastoral life and expose our community to the delights of agriculture--and its weighty truths. We are bound to the daily rhythms of herding, milking, and rotating pastures; we are also bound to the flighty, and sometimes uncontainable, majesty of the herd. 

We love the beauty of golden hour, the simplicity of good, hard work--and also the glories of homemade brie or a spiked cup of goat-nog. 

We are committed to regenerative farming--healing the earth, rather than reducing impact. We are powered by volunteers and sustained by milk-drinkers, locally produced spent grain, and the generous hospitality of Ada Christian School. 

Thank you for taking time to support us and our floppy-eared colleagues! We'd love for you to visit us, book a hike, or cleanse yourself with a bar of our goatmilk soap.


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Dreamgoats' head herdswoman, Leah Sienkowski grew up playing in the woods of Ada, and she is delighted to have found her way back--a playful herd of goats by her side.

She is excited about community, education, ecological systems, and agriculture of all forms. She works as an instructor in outdoor education at Ada Christian School, is an active board member and marketing manager at West Michigan Growers Group and does freelance marketing and design.

When she's not dreaming about soap or cheese, moving fences, or milking goats, she likes to cook, read, and rock-climb. 

She dreams of rewriting the way we interact with the land and is excited by new forms of cooperation and ownership. 

Questions? Ideas? Please reach out!
Leah Sienkowski

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meet the milkmaids

Meet the 2020 milking team. These humans sacrifice their time, heart, and muscle for the goodness of herd-life and its creamy delights!